yoosu, you shouldn't eat that

yoosu, you shouldn't eat that


 · Story Line: A house covered with unidentified plants. Yoo-soo, who endured picking the fruits of a plant in a collapsing house, finally made a call. The meet...

You shouldn't listen to loud music. - I've got an earache., You should check your temperature. - I've got a cold.. You shouldn't listen to loud music. - I've got an earache., You should check your temperature. - I've got a cold., You should drink tea with honey. - I've got a sore throat., You shouldn't eat junk food.

Yoosu, you shouldn't eat that! من هنا You too ! ++ من هنا You Will Love من هنا Your Devotion is My Salvation من هنا Your distance من هنا Your Eyes, My Words من هنا Your wish is my command (Tell Me Your Wish!) من هنا Yours to Claim (Master's Circumstances) من هنا youth من هنا Youth Flows من هنا \~~ Z ~~/ Edited by Totchi NicoNico - 24/3/2021, 23 ...

- I've got a runny nose., You shouldn't eat hamburgers and chocolate. - I've got a stomach ache., You should take a cold bath. - I've got a fever., You should take a pill. - I've got a headache., You should sit in the shadow. - I've got a sunburn., You should wash your hands. - I …

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قناة funny تضم محتوى ترفيهي مسلي و ممتع .....أتمنى منكم دعم القناة لنستمر في تقديم الجديد لكم .....قناة funny تتمنى ...

Should / shouldn't - صواب أو خطأ. should: You ___________ go to the dentist., You ____________ drink warm tea., You ___________ sleep or relax for a while., You __________ have some warm rice soup., shouldn't: You ______________ eat sweets., You ______________ drink cold water., You _____________ exercise., You ____________ eat too much.,

Top 10 Healthy Food That You Should Eat اطعمة صحية يجب ان تتناولها للمحافظة على صحتك A healthy life begins with a healthy Food Top 10 Healthy Food Top 10 Foo...

مرحبا بكم في قناتي أشارك معكم يومياتي و معلومات مفيدة مغربي في دبي

#الصين#chinaلن تصدق ماذا يأكل الصينيون شاهد للنهايه#فايروس_كورونا#كوروناYou will not believe what the Chinese eat watched for the end

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yoosu, you shouldn't eat that



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    Kate Babich

    The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.

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      Anna Yarina

      Gossip: letting the chat out of the bag.

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      The people who are hardest to convince they're ready for retirement are children at bedtime.

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      In the eyes of a child, there are 7 million wonders of the world

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    Marriage is made in heaven--so is thunder and lightning.

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